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Writing and producing radio drama: A Learning Guide

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Creating Participatory Radio Drama with Children

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Radio drama

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A podcast covering all aspects of writing, recording and creating audio drama. Whether you are a completely new to the medium or have been producing for decades, the Audio Drama Production Podcast aims to help and inspire you towards creating more.

Even if the old-school shows aren’t your cup of tea, there are many programs available from Britain, where a well-funded public broadcaster has kept radio drama alive, as well as dozens of independent groups producing new shows.

Loehr took inspiration from BBC Radio, which has been doing radio dramas for ages, with comic talk shows, holiday programs, and audio plays. “It has just been continuous from the beginning of the BBC,” says Loehr.

Ultimately Rogers found the distance between creating and producing theatre and writing, recording, and releasing podcasts. Jan 01,  · Read-Along Radio Dramas use both visual and auditory sensory modes to develop the full range of language arts skills including an intuitive sense for the sound patterns of the English language and a reading rate appropriate to the material being read/5.

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Radio drama

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Writing and producing radio dramas recording
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