Write and wipe board

Write-On Magnetic Glass Whiteboards

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Premium Dry Erase Boards

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write and wipe boards

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Place Value Chart with Decimals

The Board Dudes offer organizational products for home, school or office, including dry erase boards, cork boards, chalkboards, markers and accessories. Write Dudes. Find out more about our line of writing instruments. Follow Us. Wipe the board with a wet cloth to remove any remnants of the solvent, otherwise it may interfere with the dry erase marker when you try to write on the board.

Dry the board completely before use. 2. Use a pencil eraser and rub the mark well. Can be used with wet dry-erase or waterbased markers.

Write-On-Wipe-Off Board

One black marker included. 9" x 12". Can be used with wet dry-erase or waterbased markers. One black marker included. 9 x Writing Slates Testimonials Browse the categories below, or select from the menu above to buy whiteboards online and related stationery products, or email us for a quote.

Keep organised with this fantastic monthly wall planner. You can write the dates and your notes on it with the included liquid chalk pen and when the month is over simply wipe it all away with a damp cloth ready for the next month!

Easy to follow instructions for application are included.

Write and wipe board
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