Trifles sheriff and mrs wright essay

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Early in her essay, Holstein writes that Glaspell’s play Trifles is deceptive in that it seems “simple, almost inconsequential" (). On the surface, it seems that Trifles is really only about the competing roles and perspectives of women and men.

This is certainly one part, and an important one, of the play. When the women said how Mrs. Wright was worried about her preserves. The sheriff states, "Well, you can beat a women! Held for murder and worryin' about her preserves.". In Susan Glaspell’s short Trifles, Mrs.

Wright is being accused of murdering her former husband Mr. Wright.

A Critical Review of Trifles Paper

While their house is being investigated, there are a lot of clues that suggest what could’ve happened between Mr. and Mrs. Wright. Trifles: Sheriff and Mrs. Wright Essay setting of the play “ Trifles ” by Susan Glaspell during the earliest part of the 20th century is important because at that time men were more controlling.

In the opening scene, Susan Glaspell introduces the main characters who are, the county attorney named George Henderson, the sheriff named Henry Peters, Mrs.

Essay on the Play Trifles

Peters who is the wife of the sheriff, Mrs. Wright who is the wife of a murdered husband, and Mrs. Wright’s neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Hale.

The play “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell is one of the shortest plays that I have read. It is also one of the least dramatic and extremely difficult to interpret plays. To understand the significance in this play the viewer or reader should have a better understanding of the cultural context in.

Trifles sheriff and mrs wright essay
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