Street artists and their work essay

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Street Art Essay

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In the past decade, street art has unquestionably become an integral part of metropolitan visual culture.5/5(1). The presence of street art in an urban context was primarily based on the notion of repetition. What does this mean? Since the impact of the message becomes notable solely through the perceivable presence in the urban context, graffiti artists lived with the imperative to reproduce their typography or different symbolical expression over and over again.

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What Is Street Art Cultural Studies Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Through their work, artists aim to communicate with everyday people without the intent to offend or create a conflict but rather to create a connection with the general public through their artwork.

Today’s youth uses street art to portray their social and. In this paper I would like to explore this idea by making reference both to the history of graffiti and street art, the (il)legalities surrounding it, the ideas expressed through it and the ways in which the aesthetics created by some street artists make their work undeniably “art”.

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Street artists and their work essay
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