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Provocation And The Loss Of Self Control Law Essay

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The view was becoming more about the probability that if a reasonable person was place in the same or similar situation would they too loose all self control? Under section 54(2) loss of self control need not be sudden which has contrasted with the provision of provocation.

Criminal defence of provocation - Essay Example

Although section 3 of the Homicide Act did not mention that loss of self control must be sudden but it was considered as good law after the decision of R v Duffy [ 9 ]. Essay outline answer You would first start with an explanation of the abolition of the common law defence of provocation and repeal of s 3 of the Homicide Act Then, explain the new partial defence under ss 54 and 55 C&JA based on loss of self-control.

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Although the Law Commission recommended abolition of the requirement of actual loss of self-control, the enacted provisions retain this requirement. Defence of Loss of Control The defence of provocation in murder was replaced by the defence of loss of control, as a consequence of the Coroners and Justice.

Called the Coroner and Justice Bill, the proposed law is set to abolish provocation as a partial defence and introduce the ‘loss of control’ law in its lieu, using more stringent and specific language that will hopefully narrow down the application of the law and remove the hindrance to a more just application of the partial defence.

Essay on Defences for Murder Words | 3 Pages. Defences for Murder There are only three partial defences for murder; suicide pact, provocation-the loss of self control and reaction must be instantaneous and diminished responsibility.

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