Cocktails fruit and lime wedges

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Cocktails with cachaça

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100 Best Cocktails - Mixed Drinks

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10923 drinks recipes by alphabetical order

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A fresh lime & jalapeno margarita is simply made with lime juice, silver tequila, honey, and some jalapeno + cilantro. This almost-good-for you combo will please even the most discerning margarita lover! The Firecracker - Watermelon, Lime and Cucumber Cocktail is a perfect summer cocktail with fruit of the season.

Perfect for July 4th. Menu. Designed by some of the finest chefs in Houston, the Hearsay menu offers a sophisticated approach to American cuisine. Complete with artfully crafted brunch, dessert, wine and cocktails selections, we have a dish or drink to suit every fancy.

Social & Cocktail have curated the top cocktails recipes for you to choose from. From Mojitos to Martinis and everything in between.

All Cocktails - Mixed Drinks. Collection of Cocktails and mixed drinks recipes. The Caipirinha is Brazil's national cocktail made with cachaça, ice, sugar, and lime.

It is the drink most commonly associated with cachaça. If vodka is used instead of cachaça, it is called a caipiroska or caipivodka; if rum is used it is called a caipiríssima [further explanation needed]; if strawberry or some other fruit is used instead of lime, it is usually called a batida or caipifruta.

10923 drinks recipes by alphabetical order Cocktails fruit and lime wedges
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The Firecracker - Watermelon, Lime and Cucumber Cocktail | Creative Culinary